Build atomic swap solutions on top of COMIT, the open-source protocol enabling cross-blockchain applications!

Join TenX’ Sydney based research team CoBloX for 48 hours of hacking and fun!

Remember COMIT, the open protocol facilitating the trustless exchange for digital assets?
Yes - You’ll be pleased to hear that we invested a lot of time into making atomic swaps possible; time to come up with crazy atomic-swap solutions!
No - Here is your chance to learn about atomic swaps and building prototype applications to integrate them!

COMIT is reaching mainnet readiness and we want YOU!
Join us for two and a half days of hacking, prototyping and fun!


4:00pm - 7:00pm - COMIT workshop (open to public)


8:30am - Breakfast
9:00am - Topic presentations (and more breakfast)
10:00am onwards: Hacking
12:00am - Lunch
6:00pm - Dinner

9:00am - Breakfast
12:00am - Lunch
5:00pm - Final presentations & demos
6:00pm - Prizes! & Beer

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Token based prizes and other prizes

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CoBloX Team

CoBloX Team

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    Cross-blockchain is still a quite new field. Innovative solutions are what bring us forward. Of course it is not easy to rate "innovation" on a scale from one to ten, but we have some criteria on our list :)
  • Usability
    This is a tricky one, because there may be products that are not designed for an end-user. However, usability always plays a role and we will take a look on the overall UX.
  • Completeness
    It would be great if, by the end of the hackathon, you present a solution that actually uses COMIT to do an atomic swap and not just half of a solution. If your solution is complex you might get points for innovation ;)
  • Team Spirit
    We like fun. We enjoy good beers. We love discussion and working together as a team and with other teams. A hackathon is not only about hacking, but also about connecting, having fun and learning from each other.
  • Code-Quality
    We are not planning to read the whole source-code of your submission, no worries :) However, we are working strongly together with the teams during the event to get an overview on e.g. modularity and software architecture.